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M2M Device Types
Definitions of some M2M device types and vocabulary
 • An Introduction to related concepts

Marco Bratz

Using Axeda AMMP for device simulation and testing

In previous posts on this blog the Axeda Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP) [1] has been already mentioned. It is simple enough to be used during a project’s prototyping phase [2]. However we saw the additional usage in our automated application integration testing setup.

 *NEW* Traxeda - A Sample Tracking Solution
  • All the source code to build your very own tracking application
  • View assets, monitor data items and create and use Geofences

Mats Samuelsson

Entering the 'Era of Devices'

Veteran Silicon Valley journalist Michael Malone says that we are entering the Era of Devices is right on. Why? The answer is ‘The Internet of Things’.

 Axeda and SalesForce Chatter Integration
  • Five easy steps to enterprise integration with
  • Test with a Chatter trial account from

Hacknite - Digital City RI

HackNite at Digital City RI

Makers, hackers, coders, and newbies alike gathered at the co-working space and tech hub of Digital City Rhode Island in Providence RI at HackNite this week. Their goal was to play with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors with the help of the Developer Enablement team from Axeda.

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