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M2M Device Types
Definitions of some M2M device types and vocabulary
 • An Introduction to related concepts

Sending An AMMP Message With Only A Web Browser

You don't need hardware to try out the Axeda platform.  The Axeda
platform communicates using AMMP - Adaptive Machine Message Protocol. Any device that is capable of making an HTTP POST (such as a web browser) can send data into the Axeda platform.

 *NEW* Traxeda - A Sample Tracking Solution
  • All the source code to build your very own tracking application
  • View assets, monitor data items and create and use Geofences

Getting Started With Connecting Microcontrollers to the Axeda
Machine Cloud

Using the Axeda platform lets you focus on building your unique application
and not waste time duplicating the "plumbing" that is the same across
all applications.

 Axeda and SalesForce Chatter Integration
  • Five easy steps to enterprise integration with
  • Test with a Chatter trial account from

Chip, Module, or Device?

Connecting a real-world device to the internet using the cell phone network is all the rage these days, so why is it still hard and confusing?


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Axeda Artisan is a system for developing Axeda Custom Objects and RIA applications in the familiar, robust environment you are used to and publishing directly to the Axeda Platform.
See video
Watch this tutorial video on how to get started with the Axeda Go Kit for ARM mbed.
The Axeda Platform has a rich set of objects for configuration and operation. This article provides the Axeda SDK Javadoc which explains how you can create and manage platform objects, such as rules, actions, alarms, users and assets, and perform actions such as downloads using the Axeda SDK.