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M2M Device Types
Definitions of some M2M device types and vocabulary
 • An Introduction to related concepts

Kevin Holbrook

An SDK for the IoT

The Internet of Things is where the web was 10 years ago, poised for explosive growth but without an accepted set of easy to use Protocols, SDKs or APIs on which to easily construct and implement technical solutions to existing problems or new opportunities.

 *NEW* Traxeda - A Sample Tracking Solution
  • All the source code to build your very own tracking application
  • View assets, monitor data items and create and use Geofences

Dick Bates, Inventek

Upgrade Your Existing Products to IoT with WiFi Modules and AT Commands

Using the Inventek WiFi module and the Axeda Machine Cloud, it is possible to quickly connect an existing product to the IoT cloud and create a value added product and user applications associated with it.

 Axeda and SalesForce Chatter Integration
  • Five easy steps to enterprise integration with
  • Test with a Chatter trial account from

Developing Microcontroller based IoT Prototypes and Products with the ARM mbed IDE

Developing innovative IoT prototypes and products just became easier with the pairing of the Axeda Internet of Things cloud and mbed web based development environment of ARM Cortex based devices.

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Opening Video from Axeda Connexion 2014
By Sara Jarjoura It’s 2014 and the tech scene is a-buzz with the outcome of the AT&T Hackathon at their Developer Summit in Las Vegas, just prior to CES.  Partners present at the Hackathon - ARM, Qualcomm, Intel, Netgear, SparkFun, MultiTech, Plantronics - all brought great hackable har...