Axeda Go Kit for Intel Development Platforms

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Quickly and Easily Connect your Devices to Our IoT Cloud

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Connect to Intel Hardware Development Platforms to the Axeda Machine Cloud by following easy instructions.

The Axeda Go Kits will guide you through the steps for creating an Axeda Developer Account, download and install sample code into your workspace, provision your development hardware platform device and showing a real Internet of Things (IoT) demo application using device I/O capabilities. The developer experience goes on to show you how to build creative user interfaces using the Axeda data model. Finally, it shows you how to create your own IoT prototype device using the Axeda intelligent agent.

This Axeda Go QuickStart Kit will guide you through the steps for connecting an Intel Hardware Developer Platform, registering with Axeda Developer Connection, provisioning your device in the Axeda Machine Cloud and installing sample code into your workspace.

Axeda Go Kits are available for the following Development Platforms:

Intel Galileo V1 C/Arduino Developer Kit

Intel DK300/Advantech UTX-3110
Blacks Beach Gateway

Intel Galileo V1 Agent Developer Kit


intel galileo development board




Advantech UTX-3110 

Intel Galileo

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Get Started

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Intel DK100/Supermicro -
SYS - E100 - Cross Hill Gateway
Intel DK50 Gateway  Intel Galileo Gen 2/C
Arduino Developer Kit
Supermicro intel galileo  Intel Galileo Gen 2/C Arduino Developer Kit
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Intel Galileo Gen 2
Agent Developer Kit
Intel Galileo Gen 2 Developer Kit