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Fleet Management

Take a sneak peek into the Fleet Management app development sessions.

Which type of M2M app would you like to see featured next?
  • [Part 5/5: Fleetster Dashboard and Mobile] Final UI Overview and Project Assets
  • [Part 4/5: UI and Functionality Prototyping] Sample Applications and a Hint of Code
  • [Part 3/5: How We're Planning to Build the App] Whiteboarding the business rules and technical requirements
  • [Part 2/5: What We're Building] Reviewing the user experience and understanding customer value
  • [Part 1/5: Customer Requirements] Developing a custom-built Fleet Management app starts here
M2M AppGarage Journal

Smart Vending Part 1: What is Smart Vending

This multi-part series of blogs will walk you through why the Smart Vending reference application was built and how leverages the data captured on the Axeda Platform to add value to the vending machine management experience.

Smart Vending Part 2: Features and functions

When building a Smart Vending solution, we aimed to solve problems that affect a vending machine owner’s bottom line. To do this, we needed to understand when items were sold out and when machines failed — generating alarms so these problems could eventually be resolved. We had to know the location of the machines as well as the stock items that required replenishment so drivers could act fast before items were sold out (resulting in lost revenue). Finally, we had to monitor overall cash collected and the machine performance according to location.

Smart Vending Part 3: UI and Project Wrap Up

Building custom M2M apps populated by cloud-based scripts is a unique and powerful feature that made this Smart Vending solution possible. With bare-bones, client-side technologies such as HTML and Javascript or Flash as the developer prefers, a user interface can rely on AJAX for all its backend processing. From there, it’s a simple matter of making the presentation professional and easy-to-use with CSS3.

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