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Smart Vending Part 1: What is Smart Vending

This multi-part series of blogs will walk you through why the Smart Vending reference application was built and how leverages the data captured on the Axeda Platform to add value to the vending machine management experience.

Smart Vending is an approach to vending machine management that leverages connected machines to enable manufacturers and users to monitor important information such as inventory, sales statistics, and maintenance issues. For instance, if you owned a frozen snack vending business, with Smart Vending you could track the inventory of each machine, know when the machine temperature rises above a certain limit, and stay informed of how much money machines are making according to sales region or product type.
Axeda enables manufacturers and users of vending machines to manage their machines remotely. It all starts with selecting a wireless-enabled device for connectivity, then installing an agent on that device to transmit the information from the machine to the Axeda Platform. From there, the information is available for consumption by cloud-based scripts that form the basis of an M2M application. This application becomes the primary portal for service technicians, fulfillment managers, and business owners.

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