Android Application - AxedaRemoteMonitor

This Android application allows Service Techs to view their alerts, map assets near them, and drill into an asset's location, alerts, and readings, all from their smartphone. You can get the application from the Android App Marketplace by searching for AxedaMonitor. Follow the tutorial to learn how to use it.


The source code is included here, so you can modify it for your purposes. It demonstrates how to call Axeda Scripto services from Android java. The first step is authentication, followed by Scripto services that get data as needed by the application. The app will run with your Developer Connection account, using the server

You will need the Android Development Kit to build the source code. This code is built for Android 2.1. Since this app uses maps, you also need to create a Google map key to run on your development system. After you get a key, replace the key in the source code - there are 3 places its used.

If you want to run this against a production account, you need to upload the groovy scripts in the /GroovyScripts directory to your account.

Please use this forum to discuss the app, share your ideas, or ask questions.

NOTE: Please regsiter to access the assets listed below.