Sample Applications

Flash - DeviceFinderSession Sample Application

This sample Flash application builds on the Hello Scripto sample.  It includes login and logout functionality, calls the deviceFinder script and displays the results in a Flex DataGrid. When you run this sample, specify as the server, your email address as the...

Flash - HelloScripto Sample Application

This is a simple Flash application that calls a Scripto service and displays the results.  Try running the app with the following arguments: Server: http://dev6.axeda.comUsername:  your email addressPassword:  your regular developer passwordScript: ...

Sample Application: Starter Custom Tab

This project is a simple custom tab that allows you to search all models and see their assets with basic information.

Sample Project: Populating A Web Page with Data Items

A sample Axeda Artisan project which demonstrates the use of a jQuery front-end Web application with Axeda Scripto and the Axeda API

Sample Project: R700 Tank Monitoring Application

Sample application which displays assets on a map, measures tank levels, changes in temperature, alarms, configuration items and CSV reporting.

Sample Project: Traxeda - Axeda Asset Tracking Application

Traxeda Displays assets with mobile locations from any model on the sandbox. Current data, alarms and “trips” the asset has made can be viewed. Also features a built in Geofence editor which allows the user to both create custom Geofences and assign notifications based on assets entering/exiting.

Windows Applications

This download provides a collection of ready-to-run .NET applications which illustrate how .NET clients can create, retrieve, display and update various kinds of data from the Axeda Platform, including models, assets, expression rules and geofences.