Technical Articles

A Tour of the Axeda Console

Let's take a tour of the Axeda Console and explore what it means to have a full-featured connected app right at the start of your development.

All about Geofences

Let's learn about Geofences

Applying Timeouts when calling Web Services and FTP from Custom Objects

Network timeouts on Custom Objects that are calling external services are an important way of managing the unexpected hang up from an external server which would otherwise tie up resources on the local server.

Audits and Logging and Reports, oh my!

Monitoring the output of your assets and applications can make the difference between spending a few minutes or a few hours on debugging. Learn how to find and make sense of Audit Entries, Custom Object Logs and Reports on the Axeda Platform.

Axeda Connectivity Using AMMP Toolkits

The Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP) is a simple, byte-efficient, lightweight messaging protocol used to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT) communications and to build IoT connectivity into your product.

Axeda Data Model

The Axeda Platform has a mature data model that's important to understand when planning to build applications. This article introduces the data model and how it is used in your applications.

Axeda Machine Streams: Data Relay Project (Axeda Platform v6.8 and later)

Axeda Machine Streams enables external Platform integrators to access the current, raw data from connected assets. The Platform can stream the data item, alarm, mobile location, and registration messages from connected assets to an ActiveMQ server or Azure Service Bus endpoint. Streamed data can be...

Best Practices for Managing Data

Data is NOT free. It is easy to overlook the cost of data collection, but all data incurs some cost when it is collected. Data collection in and of itself does not bring business value.

Content Types Returned from Scripto

Learn all the content types you can return from custom objects (Groovy scripts).